Sign Our Community Letter of Support


We, the undersigned — as community organizations, labor unions, artists, and concerned community members — want to express our full support for the employees of Tacoma Art Museum, who have joined together to unionize as TAM Workers United.

We believe in every worker's legal right to unionize, without fear of retaliation or interference from management. With 80% workers in support of unionizing, we join their call for TAM’s Board and leadership to respect their right to organize, to not waste resources on an anti-union campaign and to voluntarily recognize TAM Workers United.

We care deeply about the Tacoma Art Museum and want to see it thrive as an active community center. It is the labor, creativity, and dedication of museum employees that bring TAM to life each day. Unless TAM workers are treated with dignity and respect, it will be impossible to achieve the museum’s mission to “inspire broader perspectives and cultivate a compassionate future.”

We believe that when workers have a voice on the job, they lay the foundation for a more equitable institution. Museum employees deserve to have a say in the decisions that affect their employment and working conditions, especially concerning pay, benefits, advancement, training, safety, and leadership accountability. It is unacceptable that over a third of TAM workers are paid less than $18/hour – far below a living wage. 

Tacoma deserves a cultural institution where workers are treated fairly and are supported in their efforts to create a more community-centered and welcoming place for all of us to engage with the arts. We believe in the mission of TAM Workers United to create a safe, democratic, and dignified work environment at the museum, now and for the future. 

We are calling on museum administration to respect the overwhelming majority of workers who want to unionize by voluntarily recognizing TAM Workers United as their union.

Ann Murphy, Museum MemberKerry Weinrich, Community MemberKevin Arth, Union Member, Local 443
Carmen Gadison-López, Museum MemberKerry Niesen, Community MemberKay Buffamonte, Union Member, Local 752
Ella Boers, Museum MemberKevin Gallagher, Community MemberTimothy Camarata, Union Member, Local 86
Ellen Range, Museum MemberKiley Stasch, Community MemberMary Meda, Union Member, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Kari Nolasco, Museum MemberKim Murillo, Community MemberKyle Imdieke, Union Member, Minnesota Historical Society Workers Union, AFSCME Local 3173
Margaret Ross, Museum MemberKira Miller, Community MemberAndrew Ascencio, Union Member, National Postal Mail Handlers Union
Marilyn Kimmerling, Museum MemberKylee Peterson, Community MemberJudy Sharnes, Union Member, Office & Professional Employees Union, Local 8
Ruth Keller, Museum MemberKym Adams, Community MemberALLISON D, Union Member, Olympia IWW
Sara Palmer, Museum MemberKyndall Hoff, Community MemberJoshua Thomson, Union Member, OPEIU Local 8
Tom Baier, Museum MemberLana Bostic, Community MemberShelbi Virgil, Union Member, OPEIU union member
Emma Turner-Trujillo, Museum Member, The Field Museum of Natural HistoryLanie Cheatham, Community MemberShelly Watanabe, Union Member, Pebb wa state
Katie Bush, Museum professionalLaura Dimmit Smyth, Community MemberNathaniel Lawver, Union Member, Pierce County Building and Construction Trades Council, AFL-CIO
Renee Weekley, Artist, Bethel Education AssociationLaura Olsen, Community MemberRobert Lenigan, Union Member, Retired Public Employees Council 10 (WA State)
Trenton Quiocho, Artist, Hilltop ArtistsLaura Diedrich, Community MemberRobert Devlin, Union Member, RPEC Chapter 10 Ft Steilacoom Wa
Jack Espinoza, Artist, School of the Arts TacomaLaurence Erhardt, Community MemberWesley Walker, Union Member, SAGAFTRA ,NEA
Adaline McCormick, ArtistLeslie Gascon, Community MemberJil Anderson, Union Member, SAM VSO Union
Andrew Crandall, ArtistLili Stevens, Community MemberNatalie Jaeger, Union Member, SAM VSO Union
Andrew Cook, ArtistLilian Oellerich, Community MemberNatalie Jaeger, Union Member, SAM VSO Union
Angela Bare, ArtistLogan Maltese, Community MemberGrace Drechsel, Union Member, SEIU Healthcare 1199NW
Atticus Stevens, ArtistLonnie Lopez, Community MemberPhilip Bradford, Union Member, SEIU Union Forever
Cleo Klauminzer, ArtistLori Stefano, Community MemberChristopher McQuain, Union Member, SEIU925
David Vosburg, ArtistLucy Walker, Community MemberGeorge Savanah Jr., Union Member, Shoreline Commnity College
Emma Blinn, ArtistLuke Harvey-Smith, Community MemberSixta Castillo, Union Member, Sixta's  Interpretation Services : LOCAL 1671
Jacob Willcox, ArtistLydia Gerard, Community MemberJennifer Barfield, Union Member, Tacoma Education Association
Jessica E Donnelly, ArtistMadeleine Murphy, Community MemberMegan Capes, Union Member, Tacoma Education Association
Joey Shyloski, ArtistMadeline Rue, Community MemberPenny Cramer, Union Member, Tacoma Education Association
Jordan Ramaekers, ArtistMaile Murphy, Community MemberMichael Williams, Union Member, Tacoma Labor School/Tacoma Education Association/IWW
Julie Miller, ArtistManny Contreras, Community MemberCole Jackson, Union Member, Teamsters 117
Katherine Wong, ArtistMara Johnson, Community MemberJessi Connors, Union Member, teamsters 117
Lesley Braden, ArtistMarc Manzo, Community MemberGabriel Papa, Union Member, The metropolitan museum of art
Lily Smith, ArtistMariah Ferraz, Community MemberMegan O'Keefe, Union Member, UBC Local 70
Lorelei Watson, ArtistMartin Henderson, Community MemberMichael Whalen, Union Member, UFCW 367
Luis Sanchez, ArtistMary Rue, Community MemberKai Ortiz, Union Member, UNITE HERE/DSA
Mary Coss, ArtistMatthew Helmer, Community MemberChristy McDaniel, Union Member, University of Washington Tacoma, SEIU 925
Maureen Doherty, ArtistMaya Cruz, Community MemberWilma Goble, Union Member, WA State children's administration
Maureen Doherty, ArtistMeara O'Malley, Community MemberEric Hutcheson, Union Member, Washington federation of state employees
Miranda Holmes, ArtistMeg Tuomala, Community MemberHannah Serfling, Union Member, Washington Federation of State Employees
Noah O'Brien, ArtistMegan Hoerler, Community Membersamuel kirk, Union Member, Washington Federation of State Employees / AFSCME
Orion Benedict, ArtistMegan Rupert, Community MemberLarry Brown, Union Member, Washington State Labor Council
Oudom Bin, ArtistMegan Watson, Community MemberJanet Stewart, Union Member, Washington State Nurses Association
Philip Koch, ArtistMeghan Mitchell, Community MemberBarbara Holbrook, Union Member, Washington's Veterans Home WFSE
Shannon Eakins, ArtistMelissa Blue, Community MemberBarbara Eriksen, Union Member, WFSE
Sooji Kinikin, ArtistMia Holbert, Community MemberBianca Oneal, Union Member, WFSE
Tamiko Nimura, ArtistMichaela Loeffler, Community MemberBryan Head, Union Member, WFSE
Tim Miller, ArtistMolly Jankun, Community MemberCarmyn Shute, Union Member, WfSE
Vera McLaughlin, ArtistMonique Patel, Community MemberCarolyn Parisi, Union Member, WFSE
Xanthippe Zenith, ArtistMorgan Weilert, Community MemberCat Braid, Union Member, WFSE
Zach Bernard, ArtistMyrka Orellana, Community MemberCharles Redell, Union Member, WFSE
Dominick Hudson, Business Owner, Emerald Engineering LLCNatalie Scalf, Community MemberChelsea Burroughs, Union Member, WFSE
Ziggy Mienko, Business Owner, Hardeasy HandpokesNicholas Bradbury, Community MemberClaire Green, Union Member, WFSE
Andrew Asbille, Business Owner, Ro HealthNicole Plastino, Community MemberDorian Diaz, Union Member, Wfse
Brian Roberts, Business Owner, Roberts Law OfficePatricia Sully, Community MemberForrest Watkins, Union Member, WFSE
Jeff Hoppe, Business Owner, South Sound Guitar RepairPeyton Noreen, Community MemberJosh Bartholomew, Union Member, WFSE
Michael Brune, Business Owner, Underflow StudiosPhilip Rue, Community MemberJulie Frost, Union Member, WFSE
Amanda Anuraga, Business OwnerRachel Greiner, Community MemberKeith Gonzalez, Union Member, WFSE
Eva Tuxbury, Business OwnerRachel Ervin, Community MemberLisa Tuerk, Union Member, WFSE
Kelly Valentin, Business OwnerRachel Dyal, Community MemberLizzie Carp, Union Member, WFSE
Oliver herrin, Business OwnerRichard Bumstead, Community MemberMark Holland, Union Member, WFSE
Sue Davis, Community Member, Birch-DavisRichard Reilly, Community MemberMichael Cady, Union Member, WFSE
Tabitha Culp, Community Member, DCYFRobby Stern, Community MemberMichele Stelovich, Union Member, WFSE
Reid Newlin, Community Member, Friends of the Children TacomaRobby Grillo, Community MemberMichele Mitchell, Union Member, WFSE
Steven Tollefson, Community Member, IATSE Local 15Robert Hughes, Community MemberMike Yestramski, Union Member, WFSE
Ellen McGivern, Community Member, Kirkland Arts CenterRobert Blumenthal, Community MemberRebekah Liss, Union Member, WFSE
Brenna Stroup, Community Member, PROTEC17Rosalind Casey, Community MemberRichard McCaslin, Union Member, WFSE
Doreen McGrath, Community Member, Retired IBEW Local 77Ross Holtrop, Community MemberSandra Womack, Union Member, WFSE
Patti Leonard, Community Member, Sacramento to City CollegeRudy Mendoza-Bautista, Community MemberSevgi Baran, Union Member, Wfse
Reggie Rees, Community Member, Serve The PeopleRuth Ogden, Community MemberStephanie Doyle, Union Member, WFSE
April Rebollo, Community Member, SPEEARuth Schubert, Community MemberStephen Bruen, Union Member, WFSE
Charles Williams, Community Member, Tacoma DSARyan Davis, Community MemberStuart Jensen, Union Member, WFSE
Rupika Madhavan, Community Member, Tacoma Labor SchoolSabrina Brown, Community MemberThomas Fuglestad, Union Member, WFSE
Tony Sonsteng, Community Member, Tacoma Public LibrarySandy Long, Community MemberTodd Stidd, Union Member, WFSE
Eileen Newton, Community Member, Tacoma public schoolsSarai Flores, Community MemberVicenta Tauti, Union Member, WFSE
Regan Chavez, Community Member, Tacoma School of the ArtsScott Groce, Community MemberRaymond Poobus, Union Member, WFSE (retired) IWW
Marisa Petrich, Community Member, UW Libraries UnionShayne Deleon, Community MemberMOL THOMPSON, Union Member, WFSE 443
Johanna Jacobsen Kiciman, Community Member, UW TacomaShea Roberts, Community MemberSean Dannen, Union Member, WFSE AFSCME C28
Ty Moore, Community Member, WFSESophie Bruno, Community MemberPaula Lukaszek, Union Member, WFSE Local 1495
Tim Tharp, Community Member, WFSE/C28Stena Troyer, Community MemberAlex Bacon, Union Member, WFSE Local 304
Matthew McGuire, Community Member, WSNASteve Bakker, Community MemberShelby Meyenburg, Union Member, WFSE Local 443
Aaron Goings, Community Membersuji c, Community MemberWendy Conway, Union Member, WFSE LOCAL 443
Adrienne Ramm-Granberg, Community MemberSusan Rimkus, Community MemberJaymin Kapsandy, Union Member, WFSE Local 443 AFSCME C28
Aidan Sweney, Community MemberSusan Dinteman, Community MemberWillis McNabb, Union Member, WFSE Local 491
Aiden Sartain, Community MemberSusannah David, Community MemberAminata Salisbury, Union Member, WFSE local 843
Alaina Bull, Community MemberTalmon Glidden, Community MemberAnne Sacquitne, Union Member, WFSE Local 889
Alex Flynn, Community MemberTatum Hansen, Community MemberJeanette Obelcz, Union Member, WFSE Local 889
Alicia Johnson, Community MemberTaylor Morgan, Community MemberAaron Deggs, Union Member, WFSE member, Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Alyssa Elliott, Community MemberThelma Harris, Community MemberBecky Stephens, Union Member, WFSE/AFSCME
Amanda Melton, Community MemberTimothy Owen, Community MemberMalcolm Erickson, Union Member, WFSE/AFSCME
Amy Staggs, Community MemberTravis Ellison, Community MemberKelly Hall, Union Member, WSFE
Andrea Lauden, Community MemberTravor Kagochi, Community MemberEmily Kohring, Union Member, WSFE 304
Andrew Winslow, Community MemberVance Holtzinger, Community MemberAlazar Yirgu, Union Member, Wsfe council 28
Angelisa Turner, Community MemberVenalin Aguilar, Community MemberAmerica Breton, Union Member, WSFE Local 67 Interpreters United
Ann Martinez, Community MemberZachary Matthews, Community MemberLiz Leske, Union Member, WSNA
Anna McGill, Community MemberZev Cook, Community MemberYunna Flenord, Union Member, WSNA
Anne Davis, Community MemberPatti Hermoso, Community member, business owner (Tacoma Games), and union member (WFSE, Tacoma Community College)A.L. Rickard, Union Member
Areatha White, Community MemberChris Sharp, Contract art handlerAlice Cryer, Union Member
Arizona Gibson, Community MemberBrian Henry-Walters, Department of CorrectionsAmelia Petersen, Union Member
Ashante Ashley, Community MemberLynne Vincent, Department of HealthAngela Krupp, Union Member
Audrey Law, Community MemberAmena Black, Disctict Council 37Ashley Sowle, Union Member
Audrey Meade, Community MemberShelly Watanabe, DSHS employeeBecky Ford Sullivan, Union Member
Benjamin Greenwood, Community MemberAmelia Rina, Editor in Chief, Variable WestBruce Packer, Union Member
Benjamin Erkan, Community MemberSarah Barsness, Fellow cultural heritage workerCaren Timbreza, Union Member
BK LeMay, Community MemberAshlen Hodge, Fellow museum workerCarie Westby, Union Member
Brandon Bollert, Community MemberTessa Idlewine, Film PreservationistCassidy Radtke, Union Member
Breannah Gammon, Community MemberElm McCrummen, Former TAM Employee, Tacoma School of the ArtsCharles Hunger, Union Member
Brenton Nichol, Community MemberAmelia Layton, Former TAM EmployeeChelsea Nesvig, Union Member
Bri Viles, Community MemberCaitrin Millar, Former TAM EmployeeChelsea Pierce, Union Member
Brianna Patterson, Community MemberChristina Westpheling, Former TAM EmployeeChris Baldwin, Union Member
brinley froelich, Community MemberErica Hernandez, Former TAM EmployeeElena Mierau, Union Member
Buster Connolly, Community MemberGracea Hilsen, Former TAM EmployeeErika Benner, Union Member
Callie Evergreen, Community MemberHeather Domazlicky, Former TAM EmployeeFrederick Rodgers, Union Member
Calvin Beardemphl, Community MemberHeide Fernandez-Llamazares, Former TAM EmployeeGeorge Reed-Harmon, Union Member
Cameron Severns, Community MemberJen Peters, Former TAM EmployeeIan McNew, Union Member
Camryn Searls, Community MemberJessica Balsam, Former TAM EmployeeJeffrey Maris, Union Member
Cassandra de Kanter, Community MemberJoseph Rome, Former TAM EmployeeJennifer Chenette, Union Member
Celene Ramadan, Community MemberKyley Butler, Former TAM EmployeeJulie Clerget, Union Member
Charles Loeffler, Community MemberKyrianna Bolles, Former TAM EmployeeKeith Possee, Union Member
Charlotte Nabors, Community MemberLee Nelson, Former TAM EmployeeKendall Rockwell, Union Member
Chelsea Mason-Placek, Community MemberLianna Hamby, Former TAM EmployeeKizzy Andreason, Union Member
Chloe Knopf, Community MemberMadison Ramey, Former TAM EmployeeKyle Lacefield, Union Member
Chris Pollina, Community MemberMary Brickle, Former TAM EmployeeLisa Beaulaurier, Union Member
Christopher Ferencik, Community MemberNina Fowler, Former TAM EmployeeMarilyn Gisser, Union Member
Clarissa Gines, Community MemberOriana Di Fede, Former TAM EmployeeMatt Courter, Union Member
Claudia Linares, Community MemberPaige Cline, Former TAM EmployeeMelissa Flores, Union Member
Corrine Morris, Community MemberRose Mathison, Former TAM EmployeeMichael Abate, Union Member
Danno Mannino, Community MemberSean Lafferty, Former TAM EmployeeNancy Carone, Union Member
Dusty Gorman, Community MemberSkyler Crady, Former TAM EmployeePeach McDouall, Union Member
Dylan Howard, Community MemberSophia Ratajczak, Former TAM EmployeeRenato Miranda, Union Member
Ehukai DeLude, Community MemberSydney Winetrout, Former TAM EmployeeRichard Becker, Union Member
Elena Hamel, Community MemberTyson Griffin, Former TAM EmployeeSamantha Del Vecchio, Union Member
Eli Goss, Community MemberVitoria Ramos, Former TAM EmployeeShannon Rawlings, Union Member
Emily Nelson, Community MemberMel Y., Former volunteerSkylar Osterman, Union Member
Emma Summerour, Community MemberNelson Di Paolo, Interpreters United (WFSE), Local 1671Sreven Schimelpfenig, Union Member
Eric Mueller, Community MemberSlater Sorensen, Psychology Student and Amateur ArtistSue Moser, Union Member
Esther DelliQuadri, Community MemberPhilip Locker, Seattle Democratic Socialists of AmericaSuzanne Large, Union Member
Ezra Amberson, Community MemberZachary Schon, Spouse of former employeeTazia Duncan, Union Member
Gee Wesley, Community MemberKaren Garcia, StudentTricia Sears, Union Member
Grace Hope, Community MemberAimee Hamilton, Tacoma resident and former TAM memberTynan Ramm-Granberg, Union Member
Gwen Kempe, Community MemberJocelyn Jones, Union Member, AFCSMEVirginia Busch, Union Member
Hannah Oleary, Community MemberJORGE Zasimczuk, Union Member, AFSCMEEmilie Vrbancic, University of Washington, SEIU 925
Harris Ammons, Community MemberLeah Stigale, Union Member, AFSCMESue Huynh, Visitor
Holland Jones, Community MemberNeftali Brito, Union Member, AfscmeLorrie Wandler, WFSE
Ilia Mondoy, Community MemberCarol Denison, Union Member, AFSCME  council 28 local 491Katherine W Anderson, WFSE/AFSME/LOCAL 1221
Indigo DaCosta, Community MemberVictoria Creighton, Union Member, AFSCME council 28 / local 793Abbi Kanouse-Schaefer
Ingrid Olmstead, Community MemberPatrick Sugrue, Union Member, AFSCME Council 28 / WFSEAngelina Maturino
Ingrid Happ, Community MemberTracey Abman, Union Member, AFSCME Council 31Anjali Vuksanaj
Isabel Garcia, Community MemberTheresa Mulloy, Union Member, AFSCME local 53Anthony Rodriguez
Jacob Pohs, Community MemberLuis Rodriguez, Union Member, AFSCME Washington Federation of State EmployeesAntonio Martinez
James Williams, Community MemberDawnelle Wilkie, Union Member, AFSCME/WFSE L304Benjamin Ruthruff
Jane Leuchter, Community MemberCordelia Cloke, Union Member, AFSCME-WFSEDana Rue
JC Ortega Esquinca, Community MemberJonathan Pottle, Union Member, AFT 2196Dorothy Knudson
Jeffrey Anderson, Community MemberSean P Kilcoyne, Union Member, AFWUE Greening
Jenyfer Ewig, Community MemberLaura Theodorson, Union Member, ALPAElizabeth Woody
Jesse Bohlin, Community MemberSean Waite, Union Member, AWAAG, WFSE local 5297Fiona Reilly
Jessica Kolva, Community MemberAndrew Blatman, Union Member, BHA/SCCGabi Barragan
Jonii Bryant, Community MemberJosslyn HuntLewis, Union Member, Council 28Ivonne Madrigal Leon
Julia Sullivan, Community MemberMaureen Catbagan, Union Member, DC 37 - Local 1503 - Metropolitan MuseumJoanna Jones
Julie Boberg, Community MemberDaniel McCabe, Union Member, DC37Leila Skinner
Julie Yust, Community Memberdanilo machado, Union Member, DC37Leonte Coope
Justin Tichenor, Community MemberTiffany Dunbar, Union Member, DC37 Local 1503Lucile Chich
Justin Camarata, Community MemberChristine Fries, Union Member, DCYFNadia Niva
Justin Camarata, Community MemberJasmine Nelson, Union Member, DCYFNikilyn Reed
Kailyn Schmidt, Community MemberJessica Liebert, Union Member, DCYFpatricia perkins
Karen Spence, Community MemberMegan Socea, Union Member, DCYFRaeanne Redmond
Karina Arroyo, Community MemberCraig Barber, Union Member, Department of Children, Youth and FamilySamantha Vargas
Karla Covington, Community MemberGeorge Johnson, Union Member, DESCSarah Petrovich
Kassie Yeager, Community MemberJulian DeJesus, Union Member, District Council 37Sarah Olver
Kat Moulton, Community MemberPaloma Guzman, Union Member, DSHSSharon Arnold
Katherine Oak-Schiller, Community MemberPatty Hendrixx, Union Member, DSHSSorana Nance
Kathryn Walton-Elliott, Community MemberKevin Barras, Union Member, DSHS Western State HospitalAoife Madden
Kathryn Merwin, Community MemberNathan Tilley, Union Member, Endeavor AirHal Anthony
Katie Berkowitz, Community MemberSheila DeBaere, Union Member, ESDJanessa Harris
Katy Evans, Community Membererik schurman, Union Member, harborview/WFSEJeffrey Engle
Kelly Waters, Community MemberSabrina Tuggle, Union Member, Health Care AuthorityJoshua Sia
Kendra LaCour, Community MemberAndrea Mondoy-Honaker, Union Member, IAMKate Nelson
Kenna Taylor, Community MemberAndrew Flemetis, Union Member, IAM 751Rachel Hart
Kenzie K, Community MemberPaul Mailman, Union Member, IATSE Local 600Shane Ellner
Kevin Hamel, Union Member, Local 341 WFSETyler Rasmussen, Union Member, ILWU local 23Sydney Dash
Yin Min Kyi, AFSCME - Cultural Workers United