TAM Workers United

Tacoma Art Museum's mission to “inspire broader perspectives and cultivate a compassionate future” can only be achieved if staff are treated with dignity and respect.

We bring this museum to life every day, but our efforts have been undermined by:

      • Un-livable wages
      • Unsafe working conditions
      • Lack of accountability and transparency
      • Fear of retaliation when we raise concerns.

We, the workers who keep TAM running, are excited to announce we have reached a supermajority of over 80% in support of unionizing. 

We are forming TAM Workers United, and we are joining with the growing national movement of museum workers in Cultural Workers United (affiliated with WFSE / AFSCME Council 28 in Washington State). 

As TAM Workers United, we want to work together with the Board of Trustees and the Senior Leaders Team to negotiate a fair and equitable contract that reflects our needs and uplifts staff, our community, and the museum itself.

Read our letter to the Board

Over a month ago, during a rally outside a TAM Board of Trustees meeting, we were celebrating.

To win, we will need the continued support of Tacoma and our wider community of artists and unionists across the country! Here are some DOs and DONT'S that will help guide us to victory.
In a rushed vote, the Tacoma Art Museum Board refused to voluntarily recognize our union, TAM Workers United (TAMWU), which has over 80% support among our coworkers.