TAM Workers United

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Faced with the management’s refusal to remedy unfair labor practices and address workers’ major priorities during contract negotiations, AFSCME Local 397 (District Counc

AFSCME is committed to helping you get the student debt relief you deserve.

We won because we showed decisions-makers and the public that our fight is not just for our jobs and families, but for our communities as well.

We need a union at the Baltimore Museum of Art because empowered workers make us better.

We need a union at the Baltimore Museum of Art because a career in the arts should be sustainable.

Our union will solidify and lay a foundation for the museum’s laudable aspirations and make them permanent and achievable for workers right now and in the future.

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We need a union at the Baltimore Museum of Art because every person deserves a living wage and a positive working environment.

We need a union at the Baltimore Museum of Art because a union validates experiences, empowers voices and recognizes the impact and efforts of its workers, making for a more intentional and tangibly safe and supportive workplace.

I support our Baltimore Museum of Art Union because we deserve accountability, fair wages, and a seat at the table. Equity starts from within!