Our Path Forward

In a unanimous vote on December 5th, our union decided to continue fighting for a wall-to-wall union at the Tacoma Art Museum, despite the union-busting decision of the TAM Board of Trustees to deny them voluntary recognition.

To win, we will need the continued support of Tacoma and our wider community of artists and unionists across the country! Here are some DOs and DONT'S that will help guide us to victory. 

DO's and DONT'S of Supporting TAM Workers United

1. DO — Publicly Support Us

We will resist the museum’s efforts to divide us and will continue to demand voluntary recognition of our union.

Here’s how you can help: 

1. Learn about Tacoma Art Museum’s union busting and sign our letter of support here.

2. Share your support on social media using the hashtag #TAMWorkersUnited and by tagging @tamworkers on IG/Twitter.

2. Don't — Boycott

With 80% of our coworkers supportive of unionizing, we all know who has the power in the museum.

But at this point, we are not choosing to use that power to call for a boycott or any other disruptions.

Many community supporters have shared that they are halting donations to TAM. This concerns us.

A boycott of TAM threatens us workers, our chances of winning voluntary recognition, and the museum’s future.

We, the workers, are the museum’s strongest advocates.

3. DO — Stay Involved

Our union voted unanimously to continue fighting to become the first wall-to-wall museum workers’ union in Washington, despite the museum’s union busting. That means we may be in for a long fight.

Join the TAMWU Solidarity Committee 12/19

Live nearby? Want to help grow our community of supporters? RSVP for the first meeting of the TAMWU Solidarity Committee here.

If you don’t live nearby, you can still help us by sharing @tamworkers posts with your community!

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