Former WFSE Member, Local Pres. Named Interim Executive Director

As a fish hatchery specialist with the Department of Fish and Wildlife in 1998, Kurt Spiegel was lucky. He had a good state job, and even better he had a great coworker—a friend to learn the ropes with as they navigated state service.

“He was the hardest worker I’ve ever worked with,” Kurt recalled. “He was smart and articulate. But when he spoke up to management about another coworker who had been mistreated, he was promptly terminated. Just gone, no questions asked.”

This injustice sparked Kurt’s desire to learn more about his union, AFSCME Council 28/WFSE, and the rights it afforded him.

From Rank-n-File to Union Staff

Kurt quickly became a steward to help his fellow workers understand the contract and hold the agency accountable. From there he ran for and was elected to the contract bargaining team and eventually was elected vice president and then president of WFSE Local 2753.

His next chapter fighting for Washington’s public servants was as staff with WFSE, serving in a variety of roles including as a field supervisor for 11 years before being promoted to Director of Advocacy in 2021.

Then, in July 2022, Kurt was chosen to be the Interim Executive Director of WFSE, responsible for the operations side of our union.

“I am honored by the support of the Council 28 Executive Board and it is a privilege to serve in this capacity.

“My preparation for this role has been 20 years in the making — the countless contract fights, grievance victories, MAT actions, Organizing Campaigns, and the many, many events to sign up new members.

“To WFSE members and staff, I want you to know that I’m here, beside you, and alongside your president and the other officers. We are rolling up our sleeves to help lead this union.

"Our mission remains, our priorities are clear, and our work continues!”